Thirty-Six Things About ME!

I thought in honor of my birthday tomorrow, I would share a little bit more about myself…and by a little bit, I mean 36 facts since I am turning 36. Yes I’m old. Let’s just agree to pretend I’m not. Mmmkay?  Good. Now that we got that out of the way….haha. I’m sure if you have followed along for awhile on my Instagram, you already know the basics, like I can’t go a day without Jesus and Coffee! But did you know….  

  1. I am not a “night owl” or a “morning person.” I am somewhere in between ;)
  2. I love music! {if you watch my insta stories you probably figured that out.}
  3. I am a germ freak. I always carry sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes everywhere!
  4. I love art, but am not “good” at it. I find it very relaxing…until I realize I can’t even draw a stick figure. {My parents and sister are all EXTREMLY talented in art. Sadly I’m not. haha}
  5. I am short, 5’2+1/2, yes I said and 1/2. ;) I need every inch I can get. Though I don’t feel short until I’m at the grocery store and can’t reach the top shelf & a tall guy who was obviously watching from down the aisle walks over and grabs the item for me. {Yes this just happened the other day. haha}
  6. My husband and I met, got engaged and married all within 3 months and we have been married going on 11 years. Totally a God thing!!
  7. I do not like hugs. They are just awkward. :/
  8. I am a total homebody. But I am also outgoing and love striking up conversations with strangers! I love being home. I love being out too, but there is nothing better than being home, comfy with family that loves you.
  9. I started my Instagram as a ministry to encourage women to find FREEDOM in Christ.
  10. A fresh manicure and pedicure makes me feel ready to take on the world.
  11. Sunflowers make me so happy! I buy them every week at the store.
  12. My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles. I could eat the whole batch. ;)
  13. The sound of my son laughing is my favorite sound in the world!
  14. I am not a “shoe person.” I am most comfortable in flip flops, or barefoot. When I walk in the door my shoes come off.
  15. I have one younger sister and she is my best friend.
  16. I sometimes fear getting older. Mostly because of the wrinkles and gray hair. haha
  17. I am not an “animal person.” I love dogs……that’s about it. haha
  18. I love laughing.
  19. and making people laugh.
  20. I love books. I don’t read as often as I’d like because I get headaches almost daily. But, I like the look and feel of books.
  21. I love all things floral.
  22. I could watch Hallmark movies all day long and never grow tired of them. Oh wait, I do during Christmas time. hehe.
  23. I drink a lot of coffee….but you know what I don’t drink? Alcohol.
  24. I have never done drugs or even smoked a cigarette. Never had the desire to and hope my son follows in my footsteps.
  25. I like to add “haha” or smiley faces to my emails and texts to make sure it is read as I am saying it and not misinterpreted. :)
  26. I love cooking and baking.
  27. I do NOT love cleaning up after said cooking and baking.
  28. I hate talking on the phone. Don’t take it personally, but let’s just text. haha
  29. I can not whistle. Or do a cartwheel. Not that I care to do either. haha SO random!
  30. Chips and salsa is always a good idea.
  31. While doing my 14 days of Birthday Giveaways daily insta stories, I spent way too much time looking for music and reminiscing about all the songs from “the good old days.”
  32. I can’t believe I’m at 32. Let’s pretend I’m 32, k? ;)
  33. I don’t like Matcha or Chai lattes. I don’t care if they are trendy, they are gross. haha
  34. My hair is long and I refuse to cut it short, but it is up in a messy bun {read//rat’s nest. haha} 99.9% of the time.
  35. I truly believe in the POWER of prayer! When I say I will be praying for you, you better believe it! I will stop what I am doing and right then start praying!
  36. I can’t believe I am 36. I can remember being 26, pregnant with Alexander like it was yesterday. Time flies!! I hope you enjoyed this list. Make sure to let me know if we have any of these crazy facts in common.




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