What God Allows….For His Glory! {part 1}

I caught myself looking up towards the ceiling again, asking “Why, God?!” when another day began with another headache. I think it is probably safe to assume that at one time or another, you too have asked, “Why?” to God. It’s sadly almost second nature to us, when something goes awry, to call out to Him in frustration asking, “WHY?!” “Why did He let________happen.” Maybe you asked Him why your loved one passed away. Or why He let your relationship fall apart, or why the test results came back positive for an incurable disease. One thing I have learned through out the years of my pain and trials, is that sometimes, God allows us to experience the deep, dark, worldly pain because He wants us to be able to experience and understand His unconditional, heavenly love and strength.  

If we never experienced a bad day, then how we would know that we were having a good day? Follow me? God allows both good days and bad days, so that we can appreciate them both. I have come across many people lately that seem to be in the same boat as I am. Lots of good days, yes…mixed in with lots of pain and trials. There are probably at least a handful of you reading this right now, that have either prayed for a healing or are currently praying for one. I have been praying for a healing for many years for my constant migraines and pain to be gone. Perhaps you have been praying for one for so long that you have given up hope and assumed that God wasn’t giving you your healing. Or that He doesn’t care. Maybe you think something you’ve done in the past has caused you this pain you are going through and think that you do not deserve a healing. But you could not be more incorrect. God does not want to see you in pain. He wants to heal you, but your healing sometimes looks differently than what you thought it would. Perhaps your healing is spiritually rather than physically. 

Perhaps you have received your healing but you have not accepted it yet. Really take a moment to let that soak in. Sometimes God heals us years before we even realize that we’ve been healed. Sometimes we carry the burdens of our pain that we were never meant to carry in the first place.

Perhaps this is you. Perhaps you are carrying a burden that you no longer need to carry. I encourage you to release it, in Jesus name. Christ has healed you. You are set free! Whether you were carrying the burdens from childhood mistakes or a failed marriage. Maybe you were carrying the pain of addiction, or maybe you found out you have an illness and are feeling hopeless and alone. I am here to tell you, you do not need to carry the pain any longer. YOU are healed.

You are set free, in Christ! 

Why is it so easy for us to just accept the pain and assume the worst? Assume that God doesn’t hear us asking for healing and help? But it is so hard for us to comprehend His immeasurable love and grace for us. We are forgiven. Period. We are set free. Plain and simple. I know it is easier for some people more than others, to read this and accept the healing. I know that sometimes we are asking for a healing from something that we brought on ourselves, so we fear that God won’t forgive us because it is “our fault.” But let me tell you this. God looks at your heart! There is no condemnation in Christ. There is nothing you need to do before coming to Him. You don’t need to right your wrongs. You don’t need to “do good acts.” All you need to do, is seek Him with your whole heart and you will find Him. 

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son. {Colossians 1:13} 

I will leave you with this reminder. There is more Mercy in Christ, than there is sin in us!

I pray that you have a beautiful week ahead, full of His grace and mercy. Please contact me if there is anything I can be praying for you about!

xo, Elizabeth

One thought on “What God Allows….For His Glory! {part 1}

  1. Elizabeth,

    Hello, I am not sure exactly how I ended up here, (besides following God) but I think I started at @ellieandgrace (did I get that right? Can’t go look or I might lose this) Anyway, I am Deb {Debra. or Debbie work too) I just wanted to say Hello, as a fellow sister in Christ and prayer warrior. Also, as a someone who has been chronically ill, and in pain, for 27 of my 54 years. I have severe Fibromyalgia, and DDD..cervcal & lower lumbar, and a suffer from severe migraines.. Most days my head hurts. Your words are so TRUE. I just felt compelled to reach out and let you know how clearly I understand. Also, I will pray for you, and would love fo you to pray for me. I became a prayer warrior partly because I am mostly homebound. I don’t drive, and most weeks I only am out when I go to my church 3 times. I am an Independent Baptist, so Wed. night Bible classes, and twice on Sunday. Anyways, that’s probably way more than you might care to know, so I will stop. But I do write my words from my heart, and from my Lord..(whether they seem to make sense or not) With love in Christ, Deb

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