Cold brew recipe + Coffee date.

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It’s no secret that I LOVE coffee and I don’t discriminate against how it comes as long as it’s 1. good and 2. strong! Espresso drinks are usually my drink of choice. I love my Breville BES860xl to make lattes and mochas. Sometimes though I like to switch it up and throw some cold brew in the daily coffee mix. It is so simple to make at home and if you make a double batch in a larger 12-cup French press, you can store it is your fridge for a few days.

Cold brew coffee is something I love because it is strong but can be sweetened up easily and is less acidic than regular hot coffee. If you make your cold brew and let it steep overnight in the refrigerator, when you wake up your coffee will be ready to go. Always a plus! I like my first coffee of the day to be iced, because it’s easier to enjoy all the caffeine quickly! ;) hehe. What about you?

If we were on a coffee date today, I might have you over to enjoy a coffee here. Maybe try my cold brew ;) because I have been getting daily flare ups as I am calling them where the gallbladder pain gets really uncomfortable and I feel like I can’t breathe. Its not fun! I’d invite you outside and we’d sit in the Adirondack chairs and enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine.

I’d tell you I am getting a little more nervous for my surgery on Thursday, though I know God has my back shall we say ;) It just is getting real now and it will be here in the blink of an eye. I am glad though that my pain will be gone soon. I’d ask you how you were doing this week and if there was anything I could pray for you about. I find it’s better to focus on others rather than ourselves and our own problems. I love praying for other people and anyone who is reading this please know, I’ve already prayed for you before you even landed on this page. But as always, please know you are welcome to leave a comment or email me with any prayer requests you may have.


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Elizabeth’s Cold Brew Recipe:

8 cup French Press

8 Tablespoons {1/2 cup} of Coarsely ground coffee of your choice

Filtered Water

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

1 Tablespoon brown sugar {optional}

In your French Press add 8 Tablespoons of your coffee. Sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon (adds flavor & has lots of health benefits as well) and 1 Tablespoon brown sugar. (I add this to sweeten it up, though cold brew coffee is sweeter than regular coffee, I do it if I’m not adding  any sweeteners. If you are going to use store bought flavored creamers and such, you can omit this.

Once you have added your coffee, cinnamon and brown sugar fill up the French press almost to the top leaving a little bit of room with filtered water. Stir carefully (I usually just use a straw) to combine and cover with foil or the top to the French press just make sure not to press it down. Store in the refrigerator for at least 8-10 hours. Not more than 24. I usually do this at night before bed so it is ready to enjoy in the morning! That’s when it will taste the best.

Serve over ice and enjoy! It took me a few tries to get this recipe tailored to how I like my cold brew, but if you want to make it stronger or weaker or in a larger batch I can help if you’d like, just let me know. If you want to add milk or creamer, one of my favorites is {Califia Farms} Pecan Caramel Almond Milk Creamer. So delicious! Enjoy!! Any questions? Let me know.





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