Fix my eyes on you, Lord!


I used to pray that I’d never need surgery. Now I know that is a silly thing to pray, let alone write on the Internet for everyone to see, but the reason I tell you is this. We pray for things we think we need or want. Not realizing that God already knows exactly what we need to move us in the direction of His will for our lives.

A friend told me that I should write a blog post about my thoughts and feelings about my upcoming surgery. I figured it is good to write it down and release all my fears to God. I am choosing to look towards the positive of this surgery rather than just focus on the fear of the surgery itself. I know that God has a plan for me and I see Him moving me in that direction more each day. Starting this blog and my Instagram just about a month ago has been a step of faith. Listening to God when I felt Him telling me to get out there and share my voice with others in hopes to encourage and inspire everyone reading my words. I hope anyone and everyone who reads my Instagram and blog posts feel inspired and hopeful that our amazing God has a plan for their lives and if you let Him, He will move you and move in you, in ways you could never have imagined! No matter where you’ve been or what you are dealing with, if you seek the Lord with all your heart you will find Him.

So you may be thinking, I thought you were sharing your thoughts about your surgery. Well I got sidetracked a little but not completely. As I had started out, I feel that this surgery is part of “the big picture.” and that God is doing things that I could not have imagined. I know that He has called me for His purpose and if I just trust Him, He will show me where He wants me to go. I know that once this surgery is all over with I will be able to have another story to share with others who may be in the same situation. I will be able to share my faith and hopefully encourage them. Because really that is the wonderful thing about life. It’s about the journey. It’s about the experiences we live and how we grow from them. It’s about sharing our faith to encourage someone that may not have that same faith. It’s about lifting each other up when the world tears them down.

If you haven’t already heard, “Fix my eyes” by: For King and Country check it out. These are a few lyrics.

“Find faith in the battle, stand tall but above it all…Fix my eyes on you…..The things of earth are dimming in the light of Your glory and grace. I’ll set my sights upon Heaven, I’m fixing my eyes on You.”

Whatever you are going through right now, whether it’s relationship issues, financial problems, health scares, depression or anxiety….whatever you are walking through that seems so big and so overwhelming, I want you to think about this quote by Oswald Chambers. “We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on our difficulties.” Seems pretty easy, I know….but it’s not. I encourage you to try it and see if you don’t change the way you are looking at your situation, perhaps it may even change things for you!If you have a praise request or want to just give praise to Godin whatever you are going through, as always you are welcome to contact me directly or leave a comment below. I love hearing from you!







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