Thirty-Five Random Facts about ME!


In honor of my 35th {eek!} birthday, I thought I’d share 35 random things about myself. Let me tell you friends….coming up with 35 things was hard!! I hope you enjoy them. Some are super random, but if you can relate to any of them, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment or send me an email! xo     

  1. I am Italian and Portuguese {I get a little too excited when I meet other Portuguese people…mostly cuz it doesn’t happen often.}
  2. I love Christmas and start listening to Christmas music….really early. Like by Halloween! ;)
  3. I am not a big fan of animals….not that I don’t like them….just most of them scare me ;)
  4. My dream job is to start my own coffee shop and roast my own beans
  5. I am a notebook hoarder. Like if there is a cute quote or verse on it….I will probably buy it….and not write in it because I want to save it for something special. haha
  6. I love art but am not “good” at it.
  7. God often speaks to me through music. Then I blog about it ;)
  8. I love breakfast…but not at breakfast time. Lunch or Dinner time breakfast is my favorite!
  9. My favorite movie is The Adjustment Bureau. I’ve seen it like 100 times and every time it comes to the end I still get all sappy and excited!
  10. I started my blog and Instagram as a Women’s Ministry for women to find FREEDOM in Christ and I am LOVING seeing God work through me each and every day!
  11. My husband and I met, got engaged and married in about 3 months….we’ve been married 10 years and are best friends! totally a God thing!!
  12. I am super paranoid about getting food poisoning and smell everything before eating or drinking it. I also won’t eat at most places….especially fast food!
  13. I talk to God through out the day. I pray for YOU all the time!
  14. I love cooking elaborate meals….but hate doing the dishes! I cook them any way. I also do the dishes because I hate dirty dishes in the sink!
  15. I am not a night owl or a morning person…I am not sure what you’d call me ;)
  16. I am slightly an OCD germ freak. I carry antibacterial wipes and sanitizer in my purse.
  17. I drink coffee more than anyone I know…but have only had Starbucks once this year. {I’m all about local coffees at home or Peet’s if I am out.}
  18. My mom is my best friend and I talk to her daily. several times a day….we live about 20 minutes away from each other ;)
  19. I sleep with a nightguard. {Long story short, I got kicked in the jaw….by my son, on an accident.}
  20. I love encouraging women to see their beauty and worth are in Christ!
  21. I love cookbooks but never follow recipes. Thankfully I am a good cook though, haha otherwise we’d be in trouble.
  22. I probably have 50 coffee mugs….but only use 5 on rotation. I have a problem. haha
  23. I live for egg nog season. It’s so short but glorious and I drink it as creamer in my coffee every single day, until I can’t buy it anymore. Then I cry and wait until next year.
  24. I may post a lot of drinks and have an “exciting drinking life” haha but I don’t drink alcohol.
  25. My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles. I could eat a whole batch.
  26. My favorite sound in the world is my son laughing!!
  27. If I leave my water or whatever I’m drinking out and walk away even if for just 5 minutes, I will get a new drink.
  28. I own 3 pairs of the SAME exact ripped jeans and wear them on repeat!
  29. I am not a big cake person, so I have homemade Dutch Apple Pie on my birthday every year! Has to be Dutch with the crumb top…..regular apple pie will not cut it. haha.
  30. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. I have to have them, always.
  31. I am a total homebody. I’d pick being home, comfy and warm with my sweet family over being out any day!
  32. A fresh manicure and pedicure makes me feel like I can take on the world!
  33. No matter how sick I am, I must always shower. I feel like death if I don’t.
  34. I almost stopped at 34 thinking I was 34….well I guess I am, since I’m typing this on the night before my birthday ;)
  35. I love getting emails and messages from YOU lovely people saying I am inspiring and encouraging! Keep them coming, friends! I want to hear from you!!
I hope you enjoyed these! Have a beautiful day! 



One thought on “Thirty-Five Random Facts about ME!

  1. Awww I love how much you love others and your family! And that is so super cool that you and your husband got married in such a short time; what wondrous love stories the Lord works out! And I’m so thankful for your Instagram sister. <3

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