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Coffee is my love language. I mean really though, coffee just gets me. ;) Anyone else feel this way? I love my espresso machine and don’t know what I’d do with out this swell guy. Yes, I called my machine a guy. He’s my friend. haha. Ok, actually I do know what I would do without him errr, I mean it. ;) I love making up new fun and delicious espresso drinks to enjoy myself as well as to serve to friends and family that come over. This salted caramel is perfect for your homemade lattes but I’ve also used it for chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. Yum! They are so good. But that’s for another day! 

Now this recipe is not for the faint of heart…you know, the calorie counters ;) haha. In a small saucepan, melt 3/4 of a stick of unsalted butter with 1 cup of dark brown sugar on medium heat. Do not stir it. Do not mix it. Just leave it until it starts to bubble up. {about 5 minutes. While you are waiting feel free to jump on Instagram and look through my lovely pictures. But don’t walk away because you don’t want it to burn!} Once it is bubbling and the butter is fully melted, remove from heat and whisk in 3/4 cup of heavy cream and a few pinches of fleur de sel. I usually do 2 small pinches but you can add more if you’d like. I recommend starting with 2 and then tasting it and going from there. Set it aside to cool.

salted caramel


Then transfer to a mason jar  {because I put EVERYTHING in mason jars!} and refrigerate. It will be pretty thin when you first make it, but once you let it sit in the fridge it will become more caramel like. You can keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. I always make sure to buy a heavy cream with the latest date so that you know you have plenty of time. You don’t what it expiring in a few days! ;)

Chances are you are going to want to make a salted caramel latte with this because….well that’s what I’ve been telling you about, right? Ok random question. Do you have a Peet’s Coffee by you? They don’t have many locations. I think they are only in a few states. Here’s a picture of how they do their micro foam and caramel drizzle on their iced caramel macchiato.  It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? ;)



If you do happen to have one then you may know that the way they make their iced espresso drinks is brilliant. Dare I say, life changing? Yep I said it. They add a dollop of foam to the bottom of the iced cup. I know, it seems weird and pointless but it really makes a big difference. So that’s what I do. So just do it and you’ll like it. Ok? Ok. Good. :)

Here’s the recipe for my world famous {not really but to me haha} salted caramel latte. I’ll tell you how to do it iced and hot. But iced is my preferred way to drink this.

What you will need:

  1. something to drink it in. obviously I drink mine in a mason jar cuz it just tastes better ;)
  2. salted caramel {make sure you’ve already made & refrigerated it, or it will be runny.}
  3. milk {whatever kind you drink. almond, soy, whole, non-fat}
  4. ice
  5. espresso
  6. squeeze bottle {for easy drizzling of caramel}
  • If you have an espresso machine, this will obviously be a lot easier…but if not, well….I’m not sure how you’re making this. haha. ;) First, pour about 1/4 cup of milk into your steam pitcher. You are not looking to heat up the milk, You are wanting to create foam. More specifically, micro foam. {If that isn’t something you are aware of, it’s how they create latte art. You can google it. I’m a coffee weirdo and love watching videos on this sort of stuff.} Once you’ve steamed some foam, set it aside.



  • Pull your shots. {single, double, quadruple….I’m not judging}
  • Drizzle caramel in glass
  • Put your shots in glass
  • Scoop foam into glass
  • Add ice
  • Add milk
  • If you want you can put another dollop of foam on top and another drizzle of caramel. It’s all up to you.

If you would rather this be a hot salted caramel latte, all you need to do is;

  • steam your milk
  • pull your shots
  • drizzle caramel in cute mug ;)
  • pour shots into mug
  • pour in steamed milk
  • drizzle top with more caramel
  • if you want sprinkle a dash of fleur de sel

I hope you enjoy this recipe. If you decide to make it, please let me know and if you are on Instagram, tag me! @graceinhisbeauty If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave me a comment. If you liked this post, please let me know and I will share more coffee recipes on here in the future! Have a blessed day!!





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  1. Aww darn! No espresso machine in this casa…..yet! Just a French Press. Haha ;)

    But no need to fret. We have a Peet’s Cofee a mere 10min drive away, yay!!

    So that’ll have to do till I can whip up your world famous recipe on a machine of my very own. :)

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