Intentional Acts of Kindness


This time of year always stirs up a special feeling in people that some call Christmas magic or Holiday cheer. Whatever you call it I just love it because people just seem a little…well, nicer. I truly wish that every day was Christmas, not because I want to listen to Christmas music and sip hot chocolate by the tree but because people are just genuinely more kind and compassionate during November and December. I’m sure you’ve hear the term Random acts of Kindness before, especially around this time of year. This year, it got me thinking that what if your acts of kindness weren’t random? What if they were intentional and lasted through out the year? What if your acts of kindness were done because of love and not obligation?     

If you’ve read my blog for awhile now you will notice a common trend. I like to get you thinking. Thinking about positivity and living more Christ-like. What if we spent as much time working on our “inner beauty” as we did our outer beauty? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Imagine how life would be. People would be kinder. More forgiving. More graceful. More joyful. People would love each other, because they loved themselves. Why is it that we have no problem spending hours at Sephora searching for the perfect mascara or lipstick but can’t spend a half hour in the Word? Why do we know every line to our favorite movie, but can’t remember more than a few Bible verses?


Spreading love and Christmas cheer is easy. There are many ways you can share random acts of kindness with loved ones and strangers and continue it all year long! Here are a few of my favorites that either cost nothing or very little.

  1. Give a genuine compliment to someone. I love doing this to strangers at the store. When it’s genuine it not only makes the person receiving the compliment feel good, but you as well!
  2. Leave a $1/$5 bill in the aisle of the store with a little note and Bible verse. Let God lead you where to leave it.
  3. Pay for the person in back of you at the coffee shop.
  4. Volunteer at the children’s hospital or your favorite charity. It’s fun to volunteer at the retirement home with children. The residents get a kick out of it! :)
  5. Help an older person at the store. I automatically do this because I always saw my mom helping older people when I was growing up and still does to this day. Alexander and I helped a n elderly women read the spice labels at the grocery store other day.
  6. Call an old friend. We text so much these days that sometimes its just nice to hear a friendly voice!
  7. Write a letter to someone. You know, the old fashion way with pencil and paper. :)
  8. Do something sweet for your spouse or a loved one without them asking. Run an errand for them or make their favorite meal for dinner.
  9. Use your talents for others! If you are good at sewing, ask if your child’s school or your church needs help with sewing costumes for the Christmas play. If you are a great baker, offer to bake something yummy for your friend’s Holiday party.
  10. Give hand warmers to homeless people during the cold winter months.

There are so many more things I can think of but I’ll let you get creative with it and think of some that work for your family.

Have fun and spread kindness as thick as you would Nutella! ;) But most importantly, do everything in LOVE.

I’d love to hear if you do any of these mentioned above, or if you do your own Intentional acts of Kindness. Please leave a comment or if you post a picture on Instagram, tag @graceinhisbeauty so I can see as well as to be featured on my blog and Instagram.




2 thoughts on “Intentional Acts of Kindness

    1. Thank you for your comment, Stephanie! I know, it’s so simple to be intentional about our acts of kindness but so often we forget to just be….kind ;) I would love to hear how y’all have served people more! Tag me if you share anything on your blog/IG!

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