Fresh fruit & granola breakfast bowl

breakfast bowl

Three cheers for fresh fruit! Hip, Hip Hooray! Hip, Hip……I’m cheering alone, aren’t I? Well isn’t this awkward. ;) hehe. Ok well I am obviously excited about fresh fruit, mainly berries. Warmer weather brings out the most beautiful fruits and I have to say, I am crazy about Summer fruit! Give me a watermelon and a spoon and I am one happy girl! {true story} So the other day when I was at Trader Joe’s and saw these beautiful organic strawberries that I literally could smell through the package I grabbed a couple and knew exactly what I would do with them.

I have a love-hate relationship with breakfast. I absolutely love “breakfast foods” but eating them at breakfast time isn’t always my favorite. In a perfect world {you know, where you could eat whatever you want and nothing has calories…..come on, that’s your perfect world too, right?} I would eat chocolate croissants and bakery style blueberry muffins with my coffee. But life isn’t fair and croissants have way too many calories to eat every day! Enter fresh fruit & granola breakfast bowl. Super yummy, super simple and super quick and delicious!

What you’ll need:

  • yogurt {I love Greek yogurt, but you can use any kind that you like}
  • fruit {my go fruit is strawberries and bananas right now. but once Summer fruit season is in full swing my bowl will be changing up.}
  • granola
  • walnuts {totally optional. Adds extra crunch & nutrition. I also use almonds sometimes.}
  • honey {I just drizzle a small amount over the top for a little extra sweetness.}

I think it is pretty safe to say you can figure out how to do this, but in case not, start with a pretty bowl. I have about a hundred Anthropologie latte bowls. No seriously I have probably 40. I may or may not have a bowl problem….haha. Then add your desired amount of yogurt. I then like  to add a little bit of granola on one side and then the fruit on the other. I think I do this because it looks prettier. It also lets you see all your ingredients and decide what you want each bite to be. :) Enjoy!




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