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Faith over Fear. Fear comes in many different forms. There is the fear of failing as well as the fear of succeeding. Then there is just plain old fear, being scared of the unknown. Can you relate to any of those? I know I can. I was at the bookstore yesterday {I love “real” books. What about you, are you a paper book or an e-reader person?} and was looking for a different book but then saw this one and as soon as I picked it up and read the cover, I knew it was just what I was looking for. “Surrender your fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose.”  

I don’t think I would say, I was one to “take a leap.” I am not a shy or quiet person but am definitely not much of a “risk taker.” I am pretty comfortable living in my comfort zone. ;) However, I would say I am most definitely “living on purpose.” I intentionally live my life for God and my family. Which is why I stay home and homeschool….But that’s for another post…..I started this blog recently after God put it on my heart to step out of my comfort zone and start living more vocally for Him.

I pray before I sit down at the computer to write a new blog post that God would write the words as I type them. I pray before I post anything on Instagram as well that God will use me to touch someone’s life with my words.

I started this blog post last week but haven’t been able to finish it until now. I was in a lot of pain recently and went to the Emergency Room yesterday only to find out that I had gallstones and will need surgery. Now I know in the big picture of life, that is small. We all know someone that has dealt with or is currently dealing with much bigger issues like cancer, but I can’t help but think to me in the small picture of my life that this is really big, and I’m scared. There I said it. Yes, I believe without a doubt that God is good and He will keep me safe, but there is always the fear of the unknown like I mentioned before. I am urging you {and myself} to push those negative thoughts out of your mind and let your faith be bigger than your fear!

The words from Bethel Music keep playing through my head the last few days. “I’m no longer a slave to fear…..I am a child of God.”

No matter what you are currently going through right now, big or small God has already gone before you. He has overcome death, for us to live victoriously. We are called to live in faith and know that fear is the enemy trying to steal our joy. Joy that He has blessed us with that is not dependent on circumstances, but rather what is waiting for us. Eternal life with Him.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to write down your biggest fear on a piece of paper and then ask God to show you His plan for you to overcome it. My biggest fear, silly as it sounds was getting surgery…..{some people say they are afraid of not waking up, but that’s not it for me because I know where I am going and know that seeing the face of God will be AMAZING. But don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying life with my husband and son way too much to think about heaven just yet!} So the moral of the story is, that is currently my biggest fear and I think when I am on the other side of the surgery I will be a stronger, happier me knowing that my faith was bigger than my fear!

Please feel free to share below your fear, or perhaps a time when your faith was bigger than your fear!




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