Coffee date!


Happy Coffee Date! If you know me, you know I love coffee and even more than that, I love a good old fashioned coffee date! Sometimes I like to meet at Starbucks because it’s easiest but sometimes I like to find a fun, cute local coffee shop. Sometimes though I like to invite people over my house to enjoy coffee at my favorite coffee shop. {at my house!} Today though, we’d meet at Starbucks because it’s easy and I wanted to get out and have some girl time.

I’d probably get there early because I am not a fan of making people wait and being late. I’d pick a table, probably outside because it’s late afternoon and the weather is feeling very Spring like today. I’d ask you how your day was and what was new and exciting with you. Maybe you’d say nothing much was going on or maybe you’d say everything! Life seems to be like that sometimes. Everything going on all at once, or mellow and quiet. It’s nice though because it adds balance.

We’d order our drinks and I’d probably go back and forth for a minute between a hot drink or an iced. Then last minute I’d order an iced tea. Black, unsweetened. No water. I like my iced tea, strong. I’d probably be people watching as we sit down and then I’d ask you if you liked to people watch too. If you said yes, perhaps we’d sit there for a minute just watching the people walk in and out of Starbucks. Wondering what they were up to at that very moment.

Our coffee date would be fun. We’d talk and laugh {I love laughing and especially making people laugh!} We’d finish up our coffee {or iced tea} and clear our table and say our goodbyes. I’d say, I’ll text you later and perhaps I would that night because something funny that was said at our coffee date popped into my head and made me randomly start laughing out loud. :) I love that, don’t you? :)

I hope you had a good time on our coffee date. I did! :)

Q. What do you order at your favorite coffee shop?

Q. What would you ask at our coffee date?



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